Karima, A. - Chicago, Illinois - PHP Basic Graduate 2012

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The Powerhouse Program fundamentally changed my life. I'm feeling like I have been on an incredible journey. Ironically this program happened at the exact time destiny called for it, when I really hit a big open "wtf?!" of time, and the undeniable force of changes propelling me into mega confusion. there was no way to hide, and this program guided me into facing what was not working, to finally listening to my dreams and going deep with my attention into "what it all meant."

I was fraught with big questions about who I was, what I was doing, and how to begin to actualize upon the need to change my reality, especially concerning my work life and career decisions. Ultimately the PHP helped me to take the action steps necessary to let go of outdated roles. I could reinterpret past decisions I had made due to caution or insecurity, and instead learn to make choices that reached towards my dreams of launching an authentic artistic vision true to my heart. But more then just that, the experience of the PHP laid a solid foundation of self-knowledge to apply in any situation going forward.

The content is so rich and so provocative and so soul-opening. I've read so many personal transformation books that don't even come close to the quality of content, the uniqueness of deliverance, the promise of change (if you do the work!).The structure of the program provided weekly content based on extremely important themes I had never previously considered to bear such an important impact on my life. I could then probe and process the issues and integrate the growth concepts into my life. I found that each week began with a real acceptance to what was, negativity, resistance, stuck-ness. And the class material charted me out of it from a place of real compassion, like this is human, we all face these problems, here is another way to look at this, here is how you advocate for another perspective that is liberating. But it wasn't "pie in the sky" and it didn't force willing away the nitty gritty, its just there, there is no manifesting perfection, there is adaptation there is knowing your power is ALWAYS there somehow.

The work was all interrelated, to the point where I felt like I was taken on a journey of transformation, each week alchemizing upon the next. I was given really concrete tools to move forward in clearer communication with myself and others.

The PHP contribution is unique and vital, its message pivotal ~ a calling to holistic power on all levels. I would recommend the program to anyone and everyone because it touches upon so many intrinsic aspects of being human, and the shared internal and external obstacles we inherently face. The paradigms and themes will continue to be a bedrock of information and guidance for me that I can turn to for the rest of my life since I made the decision that I wanted to change and I wanted to dream big and be deeply happy. There is no going back!

Jennifer W. - Kansas City, Missouri - PHP Premium Graduate 2012

PHP has exceeded my expectations in that I did not expect to experience the accelerated changes in my thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns that have dramatically shifted my life in a completely new direction. Even if I were to not change a single outward aspect of my life, the inward landscape of who I am walking through my life has been transformed. My life has benefited most directly from this course by returning to me the power to listen to and value my own internal compass that tells me who I am and what I am meant to do. It has widened my eyes to greater professional possibilities than I ever imagined, including my own entrepreneurship.

The coaching from Candice is invaluable. She truly is the catalyst for action beyond mere insight. Her expert guidance takes you from observing and describing your challenges to moving through them to a new awareness and accountability.

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Her abundant compassion, knowledge and wisdom aside, Candice's greatest strength lies in her fearless approach towards clarity and her ability to lead others into their own exposition of clarity in their lives. I found her 12 week Powerhouse Coaching program to be invaluable in transforming my life from a place that had become very muddled to one where I felt greater autonomy, resilience, and courage to seek my own clear vision for myself. Beyond helping me find resolutions to conflicting issues I had at the time, it has provided me with a renewed perspective on myself and my life that continues to benefit my ability to make decisions and move forward from my own center. I highly recommend Candice and she inspires me to be a better coach in my own clinical practice.

Heather R. - Portland, Oregon - PHP Premium Graduate 2012

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After many attempts at counseling, I found more personal benefits in the Powerhouse Program than I ever experienced in all my counseling sessions combined. The program has caused me to reach “ah-ha!” moments in so many important areas of life where I previously felt stuck. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on by just settling for the way things are in relationships, social situations, and in my professional life. I don’t know how else, or when, I would have decided to push myself like I have been lately, if I didn’t participate in this program.

I appreciate the authentic nature of the program. It is refreshing to have a coach that is honest and open about her own life. It brings a welcome new perspective to facing life’s challenges and makes the work in the program feel even more valid and worthwhile.

I felt like I was not alone, I had support for once, and this was an effective release for things that I’ve had bottled up for a long time. I really appreciated the structure, which caters to various learning styles and allows participants to work at their own pace on a fabulously guided path, toward discovery of individually-appropriate focuses for enriching life. I appreciate the space to release the constraints of fears, deep wounds, and personal struggles in order to regain power in life and explore possibilities I’ve never considered.

I’ve revealed priorities, purpose, and power in my life that I was not previously aware of. Establishing boundaries was a major benefit from the program for me, with people that I’m close to and in new relationships that are developing. I have a new understanding of communication and taking responsibility for my life. I’ve benefited by finding my groove, and now I’m starting to really get my groove on! New avenues had opened for me to be more trusting of others, and myself. I’m becoming more decisive, and letting go of old things that don’t work for me or anyone else!

ELLEN G. - PHP Premium Graduate 2012

I have been working with Candice as a coach and mentor since 2006. When my humanity felt whittled down to rock bottom through depression, abuse, and self-sabotage, she was a primary force in hearing my story and drafting a foundation suited exclusively for me and my being.

Her recent body of work, the PHP is a reliable, authentic resource for guidance and support. Candice is truly a master in coaching personal and professional growth... uniquely spirited, hip to ageless human dynamics... deeply rooted in logic, creativity, and kindness, she serves her reflections, strategy, and tools for change. She teaches that which she has studied and tested in her own world. Candice not only walks her talk in beautiful integrity, she strives to love what she does and effectively guides others in accomplishing a sense of balanced, self-crafted, full living. If you are interested in clarifying and expanding your desires, goals, and self-alignment, I highly suggest this program. Our work together [has] rippled out exponentially, striking a cord in a vast group of people related to my professional sphere and beyond. Trust me, she is the real deal.

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